Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Chocolate was a tiny little kitten found lurking round the bins at the Big House four or five years ago. Our previous mouser, Smokey, had given us eighteen years of loyal service despite having to share her food with a robin and a blackbird, so I figured the greenhouses couldn't be too bad a billet. I took her to the vet then after recuperation she moved into the walled garden and soon became indispensable. She's got a lovely nature and has learned not to walk on the seedlings. Like all proud mamas I think she's beautiful and clever. Not only has she dealt with the mice, she can also take out pigeons and small rabbits. She enjoys going out with us when we're working on the shrubberies, but is very wary of  dogs and bolts up the nearest tree if one appears.Here she is guarding a tray of Digitalis purpurea Alba, destined for the Rangers' carpark.


Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, Thank you so much, dear Isobel, for posting Chocolate. She is absolutely lovely and I should love to take her home with me. I was just about to shut down for the night with a cup of hot chocolate [lol] when I saw that this had come in. I am so pleased not to have missed her this evening - tomorrow would not have been at all the same. A million thanks.

Bubbles said...

Chocolate is lovely and looks like she takes her job very seriously. I have 3 very good mousers,they're great,despite the odd present! oOo x

The Idiot Gardener said...

How did you train her to not walk on the seedlings? My neighbour's cat takes regular runs through my beds. It hasn't crapped in them yet,but if it does shall e dishing out some training of my own!