Sunday, 27 June 2010

Wish You Were Here?

As it's quietish at work, I took some time off and headed down to the West Country. I have many happy memories of a dippy hippy summer there when I was 19, travelling round the area by local bus which is a great way of exploring. Now that I'm an old lady, this time I took a little more than the sleeping bag which was all I needed then. My only regret about that holiday was not spending more time in Wells, so I made a leisurely tour of it, and ended the day with Evensong in the Cathedral. Magic, if that's not too heretical a word.
Then I visited Kelways, THE peony people. I've already placed an on-line order with them, but couldn't resist buying just one more and some iris. I popped in to their trials ground, which was a dreamworld of colour and scent. Led, literally, by the nose, I wandered happily, finding another two varieties to add to my list, Coral Charm and Felix Supreme. Life as a public sector employee feels very insecure these days, and my house is tied to my job, so maybe it's foolish to invest in the garden but I can't help it. The next day I went to Hestercombe, a beautiful place which has a wonderful landscape and a formal Lutyens/Jekyll garden, pictured above. And yes, I couldn't resist some bargains in the shop, galega, sisyrinchium and another iris. With the car now resembling a greenhouse, I trundled back up the motorway then home through winding Borders roads.
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Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, I am SO pleased for you and delighted that you have found time to have a break from work and do something enjoyable for yourself. I have always thought that there is, from a gardener's point of view, so much to see in the West Country - gardens and nurseries - and Hestercombe is certainly worth a visit for, in my view, the Lutyens plat alone. And how splendid that you made it to Kelways - I really think that they are possibly amongst the oldest of surviving nurseries. Long may they continue.

These are very, very uncertain times for public sector workers and I am, of course, concerned for you and do trust that you have nothing to worry about. You are right to carry on with your garden for I am sure that it gives you huge pleasure and it is, I believe, important that we never lose faith in the future.