Sunday, 29 August 2010

Went up to town to-day to buy wine-making supplies. While there I thought I should avail myself of some of the delights of the Festival, but there's so much on offer you feel saturated just reading the programme. I reckon the best show in town can be enjoyed by watching the ebb and flow of  humanity: the look-at-me's, the wannabes, the ninja- like black-clad techies. But I dragged myself away from all this and visited  the Impressionists' Gardens, courtesy of the National Galleries of Scotland. It includes work by pre- and post-impressionists, from Corot to Klimt and recognises the debt owed by artists to horticulture. One Monet in particular stood out, and I envied the gallery attendant as he can spend from now till October looking at it. This Berthe Morisot, "Child Amongst Hollyhocks", was new to me and has embedded itself firmly in my all-time favourites list. I am that little girl! After Edinburgh the exhibition transfers to London. If you can, do yourself a favour and spend the day with these paintings, I know I'll be back.


Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, I do know what you mean about becoming somewhat overwhelmed by Festivals, of which there are so many these days. People watching is, though, always great fun and I laughed at your descriptions.

The exhibition sounds wonderful. I shall certainly look out for it in London. Quite recently, in January, I went to a similar Impressionist/Post Impressionist exhibition in Vienna which I thought superb. And how lucky are the attendants o be able to spend long periods with the works. Strangely, they never appear the slightest bit interested. In Hungary they are still very much guards and follow one around. Very disconcerting!

Is the Wiz said...

Yes Edith, I know what you mean, I was very politely but very firmly told off for getting too close to the paintings. A bit frustrating if you want to see how effects have been achieved.

Britta said...

Dear Is the Wiz,
what a beautiful picture! And I would have liked to see the exhibition - I saw the announcement when I was in Edinburgh in June. Maybe I'll "just" hop over for a few days - your post reminded me, thank you!
And what a wonderful experience: to step into a picture - and see yourself, as a little girl!

Is the Wiz said...

It's a lovely exhibition, at times it seemed as if the paintings were actually windows in the gallery looking out on to beautiful sunlit gardens.Let me know if you come over.