Sunday, 1 May 2011

Hi ho, hi ho

Good morning peeps! Tis I! At last I feel moved to to put digit to keyboard, tho' I suspect this is a delaying tactic. It's 7.15 and I start work soon.
Last night the wind dropped away so went down to fleece the baskets (300 down, 150 to go). Had a look in the glasshouses and then spent the next two hours watering. Seems the automatic system is playing up and lobelia, ageratum and African marigolds were near unto death. Some of you might say thank God for small mercies but you don't have to deal with the ravening hordes who'll descend on us soon. Talking of which, it's open day soon, so I better get on.
 Lots of love(which is what I thought lol stood for) .


Damo said...

Good luck with the hordes!

The Idiot Gardener said...

The hordes? We had the Bank Holiday drivers last weekend. I went out to get some timber to finish the salad bed, and a normally 20 minute return trip took over an hour!

Britta said...

Dear Isobel,
that's good to read you again!
The strong winds dry out everything - one day it rumbled and we had a lot of fine grit (sand?) coming through the sliding doors and the open balcony door... And I carry cans of water to the dry&thirsty (SlĂ inte, IG!). As a member of the Maddening Crowd at the moment I plan to go for a month to Wales - have never been there. But don't be to sure - maybe one day you look at your hordes and suddenly I'll stand admidst them in Edinburgh :-)

Is the Wiz said...

Cheers Big D!
Sooo glad I don't have to cope with sandstorms or Bank Holiday traffic, maybe park life ain't so bad. Enjoy Wales Britta and I'll keep an eye out for a mysterious soignee stranger.

Britta said...

Dear Isobel, thank you for your heartfelt congratulations and for your hilarious comment about Mr. Britta - I bagged him very early in my life, as did my lovely daughter-in-law now too, and right they both, son and daughter-i-l, were. You wrote all that on my vanished post "Mamma mia" - Blogland has gulped it up, and all the kind words of everyone! But I have them in my heart. So: Thank you for writing! Britta

Britta said...

Dear Isobel,
because you know Stephen (Barefoot Doctor): just have a look at my new post "What you focus on grows" - it is his first video-song with Leakster!

Hospitable Scots Bachelor said...

Lol? You mean that's not what it stands for? Great way to find out my girlfriend is laughing at me!