Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hello, one and all. I know it's been a while, but I've been following all your exploits avidly, I just can't seem to leave comments. I tried the help forum but got lost with advice about cookies and caches and browsers. As a bit of a luddite, I have only a very vague notion of what these things are and have no idea at all how to delete them etc. My idea of deleting cookies involves packets of chocolate digestives. Anyway. I hope you're all enjoying Summer. It's been so rubbish here I tell myself it's a warm Autumn rather than a wet Summer. Still the veg are loving it and we're loving the veg. So far we've had Wilja potatoes, Sweet Candle carrots, Boltardy beets,Little Gem lettuce, Bunyard's Exhibition broad beans (a lot of alliteration here) Micro cabbage, Kelvedon Wonder peas, Crystal Lemon and Superbel cucumbers, and Taxi and Defender courgettes. Also an unidentified so-so tomato which is definitely not Gardeners' Delight as stated on the packet. But everything else has been delish, and highly recommended.
There's been a disaster on the fruit front - the pear trees which were laden with promise have dropped nearly all the fruit. Weird weather? Hungry? Anyone got any ideas?

It's long past my bedtime so I'll love you and leave you. Take care y'all. 


Britta said...

Sear Isobel,
what a wonderful surprise when I opened my computer and stared and stared: there was a sign of life from you - hurrah!
So you have had the problem with comments etc too - I wrote about it, it is driving one crazy to get those automatical answers that never get the gist of one's question...
But now you are back again - and that is good! As I know that you know Barefoot Doctor I guess you have heard his new song?
So: let's focus on those fruits and tomatoes and everything that is going well - because "What you focus on grows" :-) Yours Britta

Mal's Allotment said...

Hi Izzy, Good to 'see' you. To get around these posting problems you have to untick the box "keep me signed in" when you sign in using browser Internet Exporer

The other solution is to log in through browser Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Once you have done this once you can carry on with Internet Explorer without problems. Crazy, I know, but it works!!!

The Idiot Gardener said...

Blogger is a bunch of ballsacks at times!

Good to see you around again. I'm getting a bit hacked off with the rain at the moment. I can honestly say that in all my gardening life I've never known a summer like it!