Friday, 19 February 2010

Stormy Weather

Into every life a little rain must fall, and occasionally, the odd monsoon. Sorry to be so downbeat, but it is February, and while the blogs are full of gleeful sowing stories, I know I've got to grind my teeth and be patient. Next week at work we'll start the antirrhinum, followed closely by cineraria then lobelia. We plant out in June to miss late frosts so I calculate the sowing dates by working backwards from then. As the greenhouses fill up so I will cheer up, then from mid-April comes the tricky bit, keeping everything healthy.
On top of this little seasonal wobble, the double glaziers arrived. Two days, the boss said, it's been nearly two weeks, I've now got the flu and just to make my life complete my superiors have decided to save some dosh by not making my temporary upgrade permanent. That's ok, but I got a little upset when they said I'd still be expected to do the work of the Horticultural Officer while being paid as the Senior Nursery Gardener. I explained I would be much too busy then they got quite angry till I showed them a way round it. The little dears are all under review, hence the panic.
Anyway, as my Mum used to say, what can't be cured must be endured.
Some sunshine arrived yesterday when my son came round to tell me he'd passed his driving test, so at least now I've got a chauffeur for my dotage.
The glazier's just told me he'll be finished in an hour or two, so maybe things are looking up. If I was a plant, I think I'd be a herbaceous perennial: cut down by frost, but just waiting for the Spring.


Is the Wiz said...

Just checking the comments are enabled

Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, I am SO pleased that you are once again on the 'air waves'. Your postings have been sorely missed!

I am really sorry that you are down. Here are some reasons to be cheerful:
1. The days are becoming appreciably longer, and lighter in the mornings.
2. You live in, or near, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
3. You now have a personal driver.
4. Bedding out with annuals is still popular.
5. Work in the public sector still carries a pension [at the time of writing!].
6. You own a lovely gardening hat - last seen on The Idiot Gardener weblog.
7. 'Blotanical', which you decided against, went down a week ago and has yet to reappear.
8. Scotland is still part of the UK [is this actually a good thing?].
9. Your comments ARE enabled.
10. It's Friday!

Happy weekend. Get well soon.
E, x

Bubbles said...

Get well soon oOo x

The Idiot Gardener said...

Is, I echo your misery. It freezing this morning, and my mood is even colder! Mind you, there's always vodka!!!

Is the Wiz said...

So good of you all to write and cheer me up.
Reasons To Be Cheerful #11 - Good mates.