Thursday, 4 February 2010

Sweet temptation

Yesterday I went to buy grafting wax and tape and this is what I brought home. These garden centre johnnies are clever devils. I thought that with all my years of experience, access to wholesalers and so on, I'd be immune. Hah! I came home with my haul, feeling like a bulimic, and trying to justify my spree.I set the spuds to chit and spread out the rest to photograph what I thought would be a dire warning against impulse buying, but I began to think that actually it was £40 well spent. While I had my netbook out, I saw that The Idiot Gardener had a new post. Idiot, you played me like a haddie! And Edith, you're comment was priceless. Bravo, brava,encore!
I'm still smiling. God bless you.
"Those who bring laughter into the lives of others cannot avoid it in their own"
George Bernard Shaw


Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, Unfortunately, this is further proof to me of what I feel we girls do best - shopping!

It would never do for J, my gardener/handyman, to see all these 'goodies'. I keep a very tight rein where he is concerned on the garden purse. Magazines would mean far too much time spent in the potting shed, house plants are banned, especially orchids, [my dear, the price!], and bulbs are bought in bulk.

I am delighted to see that your 'Followers' have doubled over night. Have you considered joining 'Blotanical'? As the kind Australian who runs it has let in both me and IG, I am sure you would sail in.

Until the next time...

The Idiot Gardener said...

I know the feeling well. Only this morning Postie came with another big box. It's all getting too exciting. I think this weekend will see my first ever 'seed to soil' moment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, Me again. Returned, and could not help but notice the HAT. Love it. E x

Is the Wiz said...

So glad you approve of "Brock". As I value your advice, I swung by Blotanical, but computer said "No", something about the page being out of date. Followed the instructions but still no joy. Perhaps it's just not meant to be, I was a bit worried about the amount of time I might spend there and getting sucked into a popularity contest.I'm horribly shy and I'm more than happy that anyone reads me at all, especially when they're as special as my four followers are.Lots of love to all of you, Is.

leavesnbloom said...

Thanks for popping over to my place hope it brought back a few memories - I know what you mean about Blotanical - time flies when you're over there.

Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, I am writing a second comment here, which I very much hope you will find, as for some inexplicable reason I was unable to make the 'comment' link work on your latest posting.

Your trip to Edinburgh, vividly described, took me back a number of years. Then, with friends who live in Dumfriesshire, I had such an enjoyable day in what is a beautiful city. We all had a memorable lunch in a place called 'Indigo Yard' - whether it still exists, who knows? I also recall shopping in Valpona and Crolla!

I do so enjoy your writing which is witty, lively and yet personal. Please do continue. The mention of Blotanical was only because I thought that what you write deserves a wider audience but I quite understand your reservations. Incidentally, when I joined I had to try several times as, for unknown reasons, the site kept rejecting my application and closing down.