Saturday, 30 January 2010

For Peat's Sake

Just been reading more blogs and came across the vexed question of peatfree alternatives. We all seem agreed on the problem and a thought occurred to me -leafmould. It has many of the same properties of peat and I think it would make a good seed compost. I first started gardening before organics had taken off and I turned to old prewar books to find non-chemical advice. Leafmould was often given as an ingredient of composts. It takes a year to break down, and Autumn's a long time away, but I'm off to the woods to inspect the area we stash all the leaves we sweep up. I'll experiment with it this year and spread the results.


Anonymous said...

Dear Isobel, I am afraid I am the very last person to advise you how to transfer pictures from your mobile telephone to a computer, but I have left you some advice about hellebores on my posting 'Housekeeping the Hellebores'.

You are absolutely right about leaf mould being an excellent addition to the compost heap or, indeed, leaves stored in the dark for around a year in those black plastic sacks used for the dustbins will break down into a beautiful 'loam'.

I do so like what you say [although I am very partial to yew!] and wish you every success with your blog. I have signed up as your first 'Follower'.

Ian said...

Me too, quite excited at the prospect too.