Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thank You.

Thank You, NHS and bloggers everywhere.
First off, anyone who moans about the NHS or worries about Obama's health reforms will get short shrift here. They should visit St. John's, Livingstone to see how it should be done. Apart from the excellent health care, which we take for granted, I've been so spoiled that when I woke up this morning I wondered when the lady with the tea-trolley would appear. Ah well. But it's good to be home and catching up with the blogs, hearing about your hopes and dreams for the year. (Yes, I know, I need to get out more)
You see, my passion for plants had become my job, and my mental energy was spent fretting about the thousands of bedding plants I grew for the parks. But now I've been promoted (?) to admin., I can leave that to the others, and potter around as good gardeners should, cos it's when you're pottering you notice stuff, like the first signs of Spring or greenfly. I'd advise anyone to take up drawing, as it really sharpens your powers of observation, and that's as important to a gardener as a good pair of boots. But I digress, or BI.d, as it shall henceforth be known. So a big thank you to all you bloggers, near and far, cos your enthusiasm's catching and I'm really looking forward to getting back to basics with you. And if anyone can explain in plain English how to get pix from phone to blog I'd be very grateful. Assume I know nothing!

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Bubbles said...

Hi, does your phone have a memory card? If so can pop it a USB adaptor (er a little gizzmo that you can put your memory chip in, then this plugs in the USB slot on your lap top/pc/notebook.

(If it's a micro memory chip like mine, it might need an additional small adaptor that goes in the adaptor, as they're so tiny.

If no memory card, you should have had a lead that attaches from your phone to your pc and some software(on a disc, to download) this lets you transfer from phone to pc.

Once you have plugged in the USB adaptor:
Click on 'My Computer'

You then click on the external memory icon that should be there, along with C:/ drive, etc.

You then have the option to select and save images. Save them in the 'My pictures' folder, or any folder you choose.

When you do a post, as you know, you get the option to download a picture.

You choose to download from your pc. Go the 'My picture' folder, select the picture of your choice.

Good luck. If I can be of anymore help let me know. Hope I didn't make things worse!!