Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Hooray for Hospitals And Hellebores

Going into hospital on Thursday for an eardrum graft, and I'm looking forward to a couple of days pampering, followed by a week off work. So I've been busy making lists of stuff for the troops to get on with while I'm away. There's quite a bit of planting to do as the bosses indulged in a spot of impulse buying. Keeps them happy and God knows the wee souls need cheering up. As the snow thawed even more rabbit damage could be seen, but it's on shrubs which will relish a good hard prune. Growth follows the knife my old tutor said. The apples though...I might need to cut them back and hope there's some dormant buds lower down the stem. First though I'll try grafting a bypass if Mick the Marmaliser will initiate me into these dark arts. Wish me luck! While I'm off I'll try and learn how to illustrate this blog and post some pics of the emerging Spring. The hellebores are just beginning to push through. Love them to bits. Soon be snowdrop time, they're all a bit late this year. In the greenhouse I'll sow carrots in tubs and outside I'll make a hotbed and start the onion sets and garlic. Getting hungry thinking about it, so suppertime. Night all.

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