Thursday, 21 January 2010

Yews are my heart's delight
Hello! As no-one reads this, I will have a wee moan. Bosses! I have so many. Most of the time they're ok, but ...Still, my minions probably say the same of me. We have receieved a load of yews which are to replace the carpark fence. Apart from some poor sod having to break their back keeping them dwarfed, they're just so funereal. They seem to suck up the light. I quite like yews in penny numbers, I love the old one at Fortingall, and there are some lovely gold and prostrate forms. But no. We have ones that, while nice healthy specimens will, en masse, make the place seem like a cemetery. Am sorely tempted to sabotage, but I will leave that to the Summer temps, who usually manage to strim everything we plant.
Was reminded yesterday that January is the gateway, named after Janus, the god of coming and going. So here's to the future, soon be Spring. Candlemas in less than two weeks, and it will be light when I go to work. Yipee! Looking forward to the dawns.

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